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Something about this sentiment and font makes me smile. Also a novel and wonderful site design.

Idea: News site

Idea for a website:

Links to news stories for the day. Aggregated either automatically or by an editor. Sounds boring. The difference is that only news that meets a certain criteria is printed. This could be criteria based on cultural relevance, geographic importance, or just general newsworthiness. So sometimes the site will just say “no news” and people can go about their days. Which contrasts with the model, where there is always a breaking story, even if it isn’t relevant or even all that newsworthy. “Breaking news, posted 18 minutes ago! The head of state of Myanmar had an affair! Keep refreshing while we update with video!”

Version 2 would be more customized and probably have to be all automatic. You tell the site exactly what you’re interested in and what tolerance you have for minor stories and it will give you what you want to see. For example, I want to see only super important pop culture stories and those that are relevant to where I live: like Michael Jackson’s death or if the Grateful Dead is playing in Detroit. But I want all stories about Apple. Maybe it would make sense to make the algorithm learn, so I train the site as we go.

Bottom line, I want to go to a news site and see “you’re all caught up” and then I can do something productive with my next hour, like write about an idea for a website.