tom haynes

Grammar quiz!

I love these quizzes from Style & Substance, the Wall Street Journal’s blog on grammar and style. How many can you get?

1. These are best with a simple meal of a steak and a salad or pasta with a robust, chunky vegetable ragu.

2. Guitarist, engineer, inventor, entertainer and hit-maker, Mr. Paul’s influence extends far beyond his fluid, distinctive guitar style.

3. An Afghani police officer rests his weapon on a ballot at a polling station in Kabul.

4. The bill would grow the federal deficit by a net of $239 billion.

5. The deals are valued at $84.4 billion altogether.

6. Consumer prices in the countries that use the euro were revised to show the fastest monthly rate of decline on record.

7. The SNB had no comment on the move, saying they already issued a statement Thursday after a policy meeting.

8. A logistics team poured over maps before the company began its withdrawal.

9. Some rents plummeted from nearly $20 a square foot a month to half that range.

10. But miserable misses in golf don’t always begat defeat.

11. In his next movie, “2012,” which comes out in November, the earth will rip apart, fulfilling an ancient prophesy.

12. Insurance interests fund his campaigns to the tune of over $2 million dollars.

13. Evelyn Stevens has a talent that was so well hidden that even she didn’t realize.

14. Students in such circumstances — many of which have learning disabilities such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — are sometimes put in seclusion rooms.

Answers here.