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These videos are in my “to watch” bookmarks folder. Maybe if I post them here I’ll be more inclined to watch them. Or maybe you’ve seen some of these?

Little Boxes

Simple, nice.


Coffee + science + cool video + passionate people = the above video.

I especially like the simplicity of black and white but the color added for the coffee and the burner. Also see their espresso video.

Chair experiment

Great idea, production, quality, acronyms, music, narration, technology, and miniature models, spy talk, and squirrel cameras. Watch on vimeo for HD.

Google runs on water vapor

Larry Ellison has something against cloud computing.


Fantastic and magical. (link from KN)

The Third & The Seventh

I’m still in awe after watching The Third & The Seventh. It would be amazing based on content alone, but it is almost entirely computer generated. Alex Roman (the creator) says:

There are a few non-CG elements in the shortfilm: photographer (shot on greenscreen), pigeons, timelapsed growing flowers, flying airplane and sky backgrounds.

But the rest is all CG. You can also watch his compositing breakdown video if you have doubts.

(I’m not embedding here because then it wouldn’t be in HD. Be sure to watch in fullscreen, with sound on.)

Learn a foreign language

Love the punchline here.

Fast-paced, high-level description of Chrome and Chrome OS

Drawing with sand


Excellent, fast-paced video about design. Definitely worth your time.

Remember, remember, the fifth of november

Spheres Of Fury


Fun in interfaces

This video is worth watching.

Music video

(Link from Sherri.)


Can you draw a map of the US from memory?

Wow, just incredible.

Game-ending unassisted triple play

Game-ending unassisted triple play

Click the link for video.

There have only been 15 unassisted triple plays ever, and this was the second ever to end a game.


Usain Bolt runs 100m in 9.58 seconds

flight patterns

(via kottke)

Palin's speech as poetry

William Shatner performs Palin’s speech as poetry

Watch this.


HP Invent