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Wow! Shoot analogue movies on regular 35mm film. A 36-exposure roll gets you 144 frames of lo-fi, wide-screen awesomeness. Check out the LomoKino or watch more mini-movies.

La Presse

I love how this shows the fluid nature of La Presse across papier, web, and applications mobiles.

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A few weeks ago Jane and I hosted a night of watching online videos on the big screen. Everyone submitted their favorite artsy/inspirational/funny/ridiculous videos and we watched them all! Here are some of the highlights:

Steve introduced us to live music programming with A Study in Part, shared music-making with glass bottles, and showed us 1 musician on 2 pianos.

Natalia’s one pick was 16 minutes long but totally worth it. Three songs, one music video: Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP.

Jane shared deleted scenes from Pulp Fiction, a ridiculous John Berger documentary, and a special selection from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!.

Saul showed us a fantastic Sarah Brightman music video and taught us about Water (chemical symbol H20) and The Brain through the BBC’s Look Around You series.

Oh, there was an Indian Superman sighting.

Signs was randomly submitted and much appreciated.

I showed off my current favorite video (about The Sartorialist) and CL!CK, which makes me smile every time (and also Spheres Of Fury and Dark Side of the Lens).


At first FEZ just looks like a normal side scroller. But then you realize that there’s a bit more to it than that…

Supakitch & Koralie

Great profile of two artists, and the mural at the end is fantastic.

in Bb 2.0

This is truly fantastic. When I first read the instructions — “play these together, some or all, start them at any time, in any order” — I thought, “There’s no way this will sound good.”

But it does; it’s better than good. Go play.

Usership > ownership

A video that Jane and I made for the Interaction ’11 student competition. The theme is “Use not own,” and our idea is a system that helps people who live in apartments share things with their neighbors.

Flight Paths

Check out this video from the GE show. A little like time-lapse photography, but with video cameras. The typography and the way it transitions in is really nice, too.

Found on, a new favorite of mine.


Fantastic demo video (above), website (flip through it), and logo.


I love the “break the mold” reference. Also see the accompanying website (I was surprised to learn who made all this).


A most excellent tilt-shifted video from Coachella.

The New Yorker on the iPad

With a Jason Schwartzman launch and tutorial video:

Also read the well-written note from the editors:

We’re at once delighted and a little bewildered about this latest digital development and our place in it: delighted because of the quality of what the tablet provides and the speed with which the magazine can be distributed, but bewildered, too, because we’d be liars if we said we knew precisely where technology will lead.

"Making Future Magic"

Future reflection.jpeg

This is a pretty amazing concept. They take long-exposure photographs, move an iPad around in them, and produce stills (like the above) with illuminated 3D graphics in them. I can barely wrap my head around that, let alone the next step: they take a lot of those stills, and make a video (watch it!) out of them.

Also check out the stills and in-progress shots on Flickr.


This made me smile.

50th anniversary

Amazing. Apparently they shot 60,000 pictures and developed 9,000 prints in making this, and used no post production.

California is a place


I’m loving the pictures and videos at California is a place. If you only watch one, make it Cannonball. And then Scrapertown.

No chair

It’s great to see people’s reactions to this “invisible chair” marketing stunt by KLM.

Massive Attack video

Massive Attack – Splitting the Atom

Great song, amazing video. I’m not even going to let you watch it here — go to vimeo for HD and full screen. You’ll be happy you did.

Popular Science+

Great discussion and demo of the new iPad app for Popular Science.

It’s interesting how he refers to scrolling directions; I would call dragging left to see content on the right “scrolling right” but he calls it “scrolling left.” Same with up and down.

I’m also wondering what software they use to make the virtual-reality style mockups. Any ideas?

Chat roulette improv

Wow, I hope PianoChatImprov posts more of these.

edit: Sherri links me to Ben Folds’ “Ode to Merton” (Merton is the guy in the above video), in which he does the same thing, but live in concert.


This timelapse video, filmed in Dubai, is breathtaking. Watch in full-screen HD with the music turned up for the full effect.

"An imperfect ten"

Wherein one man breaks all ten commandments before breakfast.

So good.

This too shall pass

Rube Goldberg + OK Go = Lots of fun

Also read this NYT op-ed from Damian Kulash (he’s the blue one) about OK Go’s videos and some complications with their record label.




I had a yo-yo when I was a kid. I knew walk the dog and how to get the twists out of the string.