tom haynes

Illustrator transform


I just found the fantastic Transform effect (Effects → Distort & Transform → Transform) that lets me create a reflection of a shape and translate it so that it’s next to the original. And all in real-time, so I can edit the shape on the right and the whole shield changes!

Archive all read messages in Gmail

Something I do multiple times a day in Gmail is click “Read” to select all messages I’ve read, then hit “Archive.” I’ve used keyboard shortcuts for a while (enable them in Gmail’s settings), but I didn’t know until today that there’s a keystroke for “select all read messages.” It’s * r. Then just hit y to archive.

You can also use * u for unread messages, or * a and * n for selecting and deselecting everything (respectively).

Opening MHT files on Mac

Easiest way to open MHT files on Mac OS X? Download Opera, it opens them perfectly!

defaults write invertStoreLinks -bool YES

Run that command in Terminal – now clicking iTunes’ grey arrows will show you the whole album instead of sending you to the iTunes store. You can option-click to go to the store if you really want to. Tip found here.

Reverse by replacing YES with NO.

On Windows, use this instead.

Build faster

If you use make, run

/proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l

to see how many processors your box has. Then build with

make -jx

where x is the number of processors.

edit: Apparently you can just run make -j and have make pick how many jobs to run. I’m not sure how it decides, though, the man page just says “If the -j option is given without an argument, make will not limit the number of jobs that can run simultaneously.” This comment says that x should be the number of cores plus one, but I’m not sure why that is, either.