tom haynes

Know your neighbors

Here are the slides from the pitch/presentation that Jane and I gave in Boulder this past weekend for the Interaction ’11 student competition. All of the brainstorming, ideation, research, iteration, and creation happened during the 3 days of the conference. Lots of fun.

Many of the icons are from the free Glyphish set that is licensed under CC-Attribution.


I’m really enjoying “forest enthusiast” Jez Burrows’ name, site design, and portfolio. His blog (which quietly uses tumblr) looks great, too.

Also check out his publishing company, Sing Statistics, which is equally well designed.

Design folios with Google Maps

This is a great idea. I just wish I could zoom in further on the examples. Also I’m not sure if the map controls are noticeable enough for most visitors to realize what’s going on right away. A splash screen saying “drag me around and double click to zoom” would be good.