tom haynes


New York’s Insouciant Heat-Wave Olympics

With the blare of a foghorn the crowd closed in like a shield, trumpets sang out “Eye of the Tiger” and five swimmers in Speedos and caps leapt into the burbly water of a decorative fountain to swim its 50 metres or so in elegant racing style. A cheerleader of ambiguous gender danced on the sidelines. Confetti was thrown on the dripping champions. The winner was proclaimed with chants of “USA, USA!” and then the racers disappeared into the folds of the crowd.

Be sure to watch the video, below. I love stuff like this. Also a vocab lesson: insouciant: casual lack of concern; indifference

Race for the 2016 Olympics

I liked the old Chicago logo best. The new one is OK, too, with the same star as on the flag of Chicago (cities have flags?!).