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This is truly fantastic. When I first read the instructions — “play these together, some or all, start them at any time, in any order” — I thought, “There’s no way this will sound good.”

But it does; it’s better than good. Go play.

Ghostly Discovery

Ghostly Discovery is now on the web! Slide the sliders, listen to music on the Ghostly label.

Little Boxes

Simple, nice.


Currently enjoying the music and album art of “Further Complications 200/9.”

New Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter plays some unreleased songs at this live show. Also attempting to embed the player below.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Buriedfed

Sounds a little like Conor Oberst.

Music video

(Link from Sherri.)

Shad – I Don't Like To

Shad – I Don’t Like To

they don’t buy it, I say don’t buy it, pirate me
if it’s ill, it’ll spread virally

Great song.

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Great album

Listen here.


Muxtape meets internet radio.

Listen to whole albums on Pitchfork

Want some new music to listen to? These links will let you listen to whole albums


10,000 lakes festival radio (Pandora)

Good mix of songs I haven’t heard before.

Beat-by-beat breakdown

PHOTO: Neat infographic: A beat-by-beat breakdown