tom haynes

"You spend a lot"


I think this could be phrased better. It always feels accusatory, which doesn’t make me receptive to their “advice” (read: “ad”).

Hey Mint!

I’ve been using your iPhone app a lot recently, and for the most part it’s great. But there’s something that annoys me: the passcode screen. It doesn’t accept my passcode taps for a few seconds, which leads to me typing the last two digits of my passcode, then backspace twice, then the whole thing. Slow and annoying. Or, I just wait for a while, slowly building rage, and then type it in. You don’t want to enrage your users.

Now, I suspect that what you’re doing is showing a Default.png image (which loads immediately) that looks exactly the same as the functional passcode screen, and then showing the real interface. This is a neat trick that is usually supposed to make applications feel like they are loading faster. But in this case it’s making your app feel like it’s broken, because when I tap what looks like a button, nothing happens. So I have to wait for a while — probably longer than I have to, in fact, just to make sure — which actually makes logging in slower. Oh no.

So, here’s my advice for you: use a Default.png image that is similar to the real passcode screen, but not exactly the same. That way I know when it’s time to type in my digits. One idea would be to show an interface that looks disabled, with a greyed out input box and buttons. Alternatively, don’t even show the buttons, and instead show a witty message, like “Finding buttons” or “Please hold.” I’m sure you’ll think of something.

(Oh, and I love the recent pending transactions update, with the dashed lines. Pretty.)