tom haynes

defaults write invertStoreLinks -bool YES

Run that command in Terminal – now clicking iTunes’ grey arrows will show you the whole album instead of sending you to the iTunes store. You can option-click to go to the store if you really want to. Tip found here.

Reverse by replacing YES with NO.

On Windows, use this instead.

Screenshot settings

Great script to easily change the format and save location of screenshots.

Open networks

Wrote a function to list all open wireless networks, sorted by signal strength. Note: only works on Mac.

function networks {
    /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/A/Resources/airport -s | grep "NONE" | sort -bn -k3

Add that to your ~/.profile (make sure you source it afterwards).

If you want this new command to be tab-completable, run

complete -F networks networks



I’ve just started using Fluid to make a menu bar app for my to do lists. I’m using Google Tasks so the data is stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. Just make a new Fluid app with the address, launch it, and then choose “Create MenuExtra SSB” from the application menu. Also try Chris Ivarson’s Google Docs icon find it here.