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Fantastic demo video (above), website (flip through it), and logo.

The New Yorker on the iPad

With a Jason Schwartzman launch and tutorial video:

Also read the well-written note from the editors:

We’re at once delighted and a little bewildered about this latest digital development and our place in it: delighted because of the quality of what the tablet provides and the speed with which the magazine can be distributed, but bewildered, too, because we’d be liars if we said we knew precisely where technology will lead.

"Making Future Magic"

Future reflection.jpeg

This is a pretty amazing concept. They take long-exposure photographs, move an iPad around in them, and produce stills (like the above) with illuminated 3D graphics in them. I can barely wrap my head around that, let alone the next step: they take a lot of those stills, and make a video (watch it!) out of them.

Also check out the stills and in-progress shots on Flickr.


Alice for the iPad. Exciting!

Popular Science+

Great discussion and demo of the new iPad app for Popular Science.

It’s interesting how he refers to scrolling directions; I would call dragging left to see content on the right “scrolling right” but he calls it “scrolling left.” Same with up and down.

I’m also wondering what software they use to make the virtual-reality style mockups. Any ideas?

Game Table

Game Table reminds me that just because we can impose rules and structure into software doesn’t mean we have to.

Game Table is not a video game. There is no “logic” built into these games. Game Table simply provides brilliantly designed game tables and game pieces along with an extremely intuitive and fun way for you and your friends to interactive with them.

I love this idea.


Panelfly is a great looking iPhone — and soon iPad — app for reading comics. I love the site and app design. Would love to play with this on an iPad some day.