tom haynes

Coming soon

This greyed out menu item — “Label (coming soon)” — is respectful to users. It’s almost an apology, something you don’t see in interfaces very often. This sort of communication between a program and a person isn’t really something I’ve seen before. Very interesting.

Avengers UI design


Jayse Hansen’s image dump of his UI work in The Avengers

I wish I could work on stuff like this. It’s crazy to see something as complicated as Iron Man’s HUD start as rough pencil sketches.

Natural user interfaces

Don Norman’s “Natural User Interfaces Are Not Natural” is insightful.

Control of our systems through interactions that bypass the conventional mechanical switches, keyboards, and mice is a welcome addition to our arsenal. Whether it is speech, gesture, or the tapping of the body’s electrical signals for “thought control,” all have great potential for enhancing our interactions, especially where the traditional methods are inappropriate or inconvenient. But they are not a panacea. They come with new problems, new challenges, and the potential for massive mistakes and confusion even as they also come with great virtue and potential.

Gets me brainstorming what the gestures for copy and undo should be, the right ways to show users what gestures are available (and what they do), and conventions for feedback when a gesture doesn’t elicit a response.

Fictional interfaces

Mark Coleran designs “fantasy user interfaces” for movies. The fingerprint reader interface above is from The Bourne Identity.

Fun in interfaces

This video is worth watching.


Pretty slick idea and concept video.