tom haynes



“Git for ages 4 and up” taught me about git and reminded me that using creative teaching tools can be extremely effective.

Highly recommended if you’ve used git but never known what “refs” were or what a “fast-forward” merge was.

His live demo goes off the rails a little but I also learned a lot from watching them trying to get back on track. All the little commands you run to make sure the system state matches your mental state.

Using FileMerge with Git

This article explains how, but also has a lot of other information. Here’s my short summary:

  1. Run git mergetool -t opendiff
  2. Hit enter to start the merge
  3. Use up/down to move between conflict sections, and left/right to choose which one you want.
  4. When done: apple-S to save, apple-Q to quit.
  5. Hit enter to repeat for the next file.