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2008 Founders' Letter

The 2008 Founders’ Letter

Google is just a search engine. Don’t read this article.

Adding search power to public data

New feature from Google.


Some blogs I’ve been reading:


me: chessboxing?

Dave: that sounds delicious

Dave: oh chess haha, i read cheese

The Fugees

Honda Ad: Keep Doing

The Wire Bible

Scripts from The Wire.

Santa Monica BMW's Checkmate


Tweenbots: Cute Beats Smart

Why You Should Continue To Date Me; A Series of Charts and Graphs

Chuck is American Beauty

Chuck drank for 20 hours straight yesterday and is now heading to the library to study. god i love law school.

Classic Chuck.

Minimum Inventory, Maximum Diversity


I use the bookmarklet all the time

Traffic dips during the inauguration

Understanding Web Operations Culture – the Graph & Data Obsession

Scientific experimentation

Some experiments currently underway at our house:

  • How many housemates does it take to bring the trash to the curb on Sunday nights? This has yet to be proven, but the answer is greater than 8.
  • How tall can the bathroom trash pile up above the trash can? Again, an open question. Answer is greater than one foot.

Viral marketing fail

Useless superpowers

I love these useless superpowers. Above is “13th bullet bulletproof.”

PHOTO: (1) Windows 7 Explorer vs. (2) Dance Dance Revolution.

So many arrows!

Hundreds Tens Units


RISD symposium designed to Dazzle

A unique way to squeeze more life out of a soda can

This is cool.


Top 10 Most Awesome Approaches to Photography

Some fun eye candy.

Warning: The internet is almost full

Due to the extraordinary explosion in video, blogs, news feeds and social network postings, the internet is dangerously close to running out of room.

Seth Godin