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A common mistake

2009 DPS crime reports

As of today, there have been 10 crime reports issued to UM students by the Department of Public Safety in 2009. One has been cancelled because the suspect was arrested. This is my attempt at mapping the data, using Google spreadsheets and a map gadget. If you want to see the raw data, here is the spreadsheet.

John Hodgeman/Barack Obama

Absolutely fantastic.


I’ve just started using Fluid to make a menu bar app for my to do lists. I’m using Google Tasks so the data is stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. Just make a new Fluid app with the address, launch it, and then choose “Create MenuExtra SSB” from the application menu. Also try Chris Ivarson’s Google Docs icon find it here.


Oh no!

Oh no!

Viral video of a viral human

Beat-by-beat breakdown

PHOTO: Neat infographic: A beat-by-beat breakdown

Ford Fiesta review

I was skeptical at first, but this is a must-watch.

Chat on Google Wave

If you haven’t watched this yet, do so now.

One thing I’m wondering is how chat will work if you’re not looking at your wave client. I want to be notified differently when I get email from someone than when that same person is online and asking me a question. But as it appears now, these two things are the same, namely someone typing in a wave that I’m a part of. I’m sure they’ll figure this out, I’m just not sure how.

The exact acoustic shape of the skies above Los Angeles

I remember living in California and hearing the sonic booms every once and a while.

The science of persuasion

Scientifically proven ways to be persuasive.

Synecdoche, New York

Not sure if it’s a great movie, but I was alt-tabbing to Wikipedia the entire time. Some things I learned about:


Writing some code with asserts in it, forgot to finish the line:

NameError: global name 'ass' is not defined

Who Can Name the Bigger Number?

Great article that touches on math and CS theory, and is fun to read.

A hundred million mistakes

Microsoft’s Bing search engine

Palm Saturday

Bravo to Palm

Tom Swifties


My contributions:

“We’re finally at the senior dance,” Tom said in a prompt, informal fashion.

“I can’t remember how to convert from base class to derived class,” said Tom, downcast.

“All this fruit will go bad by mid-day,” mourned Tom dolefully.

“I love cows,” he uttered moodily.

“This close,” he disclosed.

Distinctive waters

What’s your favorite water?

Why Palm’s WebOS ‘Media Sync’ iTunes Integration Can’t Be Legit

From Daring Fireball

Excerpts From the Diary of an App Store Reviewer

Author of that dirty e-book app rejected yesterday complains that other e-book apps already in The Store have access to the very same edition of The Kama Sutra. Ha. I’ll respond next week.

John Gruber

A failed opportunity

The other day, at Panera, I noticed a poster for It said something along the lines of, “Schedule a meeting at Panera.” I thought it would be akin to – you type in your possible meeting times and invitees, and it has them fill out when they are most available to decide the best time for everyone. I even thought it could step it up a notch by asking invitees for their addresses, and then finding a centrally located Panera (after checking that Panera’s hours, of course).

Alas, Meet at Panera is just an e-vite site. You select the store you want and type the email addresses for your invitees. It doesn’t even link to store hours, just warns, “Please check with bakery-cafe to verify store hours.” And it doesn’t list Michigan as a possible state. Ugh. Panera, you can do better.

Why underdogs should take more chances

Good article from 37signals.

No downtime

Waves in slow motion