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Amazon infographic

There are three different ways of showing time here, which is confusing. One is horizontal distance. The leftmost branch is 1998, the rightmost is 2009. Also there’s vertical distance. Foodista was acquired early in 2009, Zappos most recently. And last there’s color, with a key at the bottom.

Also, I’m not sure what it means for the green line to branch like that. Is it just aesthetics or is there a meaning?

Architecture of the Blink

An article posted today on New Scientist suggests that, over the course of a 150-minute film, audience members will miss an incredible fifteen minutes simply through the act of blinking – but also that people watching a film tend to blink at the same time.


Palin's speech as poetry

William Shatner performs Palin’s speech as poetry

Watch this.

Some Things I've Been Meaning to Ask You

Definitely worth reading. (via Meagano)

Balloons gripes launched yesterday. It looks really good, but I’m still going to tell you what I don’t like about it:

  • Stories posted today are timestamped “Today, x hours ago” … why not just “x hours ago?” Also, if you say “Today,” why not “Yesterday,” too?
  • The “A2 Topics” should be buttons (ie. the entire rectangle should be clickable, perhaps with some rollover state where the background changes)
  • Full size pictures are way too big (try clicking the image of the man and woman on this page)
  • Voting on a story without being logged in takes you to the default log in page. See Stack Overflow for a good implementation of a friendly and usable “you have to register to do this” message (on hover).

I like:

  • “Deals.” Nicely implemented. Advertising without Flash banners.
  • Weather.
  • Overall color scheme, font size, etc.

Also, is Kerrytown not a neighborhood?

Light switch

When I first saw this I thought the timer was counting how long the light had been on that day (or week or month) and I thought that was a good idea.

Also, I just noticed that the site is built with Google Sites. Have to look close to notice though. Very nice.


It felt like someone set all my clocks forward by exactly one hour this morning. Walk into work, lights are off, doors are locked. Nobody on the streets, darker than usual because of the rain. Starbucks guy is yawning and the store is empty. But no, it’s the right time.

I should definitely play this prank on someone.

Microsoft prototypes

To me, watching demos of futuristic Microsoft technology is like going to a strip club; you can covet all you want, but none of what you see is actually going to end up back at your place.

core77 on the latest Microsoft prototypes

Music I like

According to

Going Up?

HP Invent

I want

Light-sensing, no-frame, install-anywhere digital clock.


So true.

CTools timer

I’m taking a timed test on CTools and this is my timer. I have over 2 hours left. But since it looks like a progress bar, at first glance it looks like I only have a little time left. Is it just me or is this confusing?

Rhyming In Rainbows

I’m loving this mashup with Radiohead’s In Rainbows. Download the zip or torrent.

Magnum 2009 nationals preview

Our flag

History of our flag. I should make stuff like this.


Sorry, Google.

Great album

Listen here.

A note about open source

Why do I need open source? I’m not a hacker.

Good article about open source.


Muxtape meets internet radio.

Listen to whole albums on Pitchfork

Want some new music to listen to? These links will let you listen to whole albums


10,000 lakes festival radio (Pandora)

Good mix of songs I haven’t heard before.

Enron email patterns

Email patterns can predict impending doom”:

For example, the number of active email cliques, defined as groups in which every member has had direct email contact with every other member, jumped from 100 to almost 800 around a month before the December 2001 collapse.