tom haynes



A few weeks ago Jane and I hosted a night of watching online videos on the big screen. Everyone submitted their favorite artsy/inspirational/funny/ridiculous videos and we watched them all! Here are some of the highlights:

Steve introduced us to live music programming with A Study in Part, shared music-making with glass bottles, and showed us 1 musician on 2 pianos.

Natalia’s one pick was 16 minutes long but totally worth it. Three songs, one music video: Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP.

Jane shared deleted scenes from Pulp Fiction, a ridiculous John Berger documentary, and a special selection from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!.

Saul showed us a fantastic Sarah Brightman music video and taught us about Water (chemical symbol H20) and The Brain through the BBC’s Look Around You series.

Oh, there was an Indian Superman sighting.

Signs was randomly submitted and much appreciated.

I showed off my current favorite video (about The Sartorialist) and CL!CK, which makes me smile every time (and also Spheres Of Fury and Dark Side of the Lens).