tom haynes

Linder shirts!

Here’s the final Linder shirt design. It’s great to make something and then actually get it out into the real world.

I made a little mistake in the “Cooperative” text — the text layer was on “Snap to pixel grid” and when I converted it to outlines all the created points snapped to the pixel grid, too. It’s most noticeable on the Es: they look a little muddy.

Also, the ring around the twin pines was supposed to be the same width as the lines in the house. But the house lines are made up of ink and the circle is the absence of ink. So if the ink bleeds even a little bit, you get that difference. I guess the fix there is to think about how each line is made and adjust the widths accordingly.

I got them printed at Underground Printing which was a huge mistake. Underground doesn’t care about your artwork or colors, they just want to get as many people through the system as possible. They got the colors completely wrong the first time, and told me that they don’t even look at the shirts before giving them to customers. And they were rude the entire time. Next time I’m going to VGKids in Ypsi.