tom haynes


I lived in Providence, RI during the summer of 2010 and helped found DataBraid. DataBraid’s goal is to make science simpler by making scientific data analysis simpler and more accessible to those without programming knowledge.

Our first product, BraidLab is a web application that wishes to do for statistics what Google Docs did for word processing. It’s a collaborative application that allows researchers to share their data and analyses with coworkers.

I worked with two SI alumni on everything from marketing to user research to application development to icon design. We worked collaboratively and iterated quickly. Below is an example of starting with a simple wireframe and iterating on that before moving to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (click for a larger version):

Wireframing and iterating to produce a sharing dialog

My main tasks were web design and application development. We used Ruby on Rails as the application layer and jQuery for many of the interactive elements.

BraidLab home page:

BraidLab homepage

Project page:

BraidLab project page