tom haynes

What's next?

I’ve been reading through Search Patterns and was reminded of 37signals’ “E-commerce Search Report” (now a free download), way back from 2003.

Now I’m wondering what the next book in this style is going to be. Information Architecture was published in 1998 and then 2002, Ambient Findability in 2005, and now Search Patterns in 2010. My best guess is Ubiquitous Computing (the bumblebee book) which discusses everything as location-aware, embedded systems (in cars, houses, people), constant inter-device communication, the “always-on” mentality, and zero-effort computing (results before or without asking for them).

Now of course books like this have been written, but my guess is that the concept will become more popular and public and that O’Reilly will publish a book about it.

What do you think is next?