tom haynes


For SI 658 — Information Architecture — we was tasked with creating the information architecture for KidMall, an interesting idea for a new company that attempts to fill storefronts in the mall and encourage entrepreneurship in children.

Over the semester I worked with one other person to create a ten page report and fifteen minute presentation that detailed our proposals for KidMall’s features, information architecture, and website interactions. Our research involved evaluating potential competitors and conducting interviews.

We started by drawing out the stakeholders and their interactions with the different aspects of the company:

I sketched ideas for parts of the site, like the “Browse” section:

An idea for scheduling — selecting a date on a calendar view and then seeing the open time slots:

Using three sections and progressive disclosure to schedule an in-store session:

Then I created drafts in OmniGraffle and we iterated on them:

The final scheduling wireframe:

We also thought about the site architecture and how customers would use the site:

Final deliverables: