tom haynes gripes launched yesterday. It looks really good, but I’m still going to tell you what I don’t like about it:

  • Stories posted today are timestamped “Today, x hours ago” … why not just “x hours ago?” Also, if you say “Today,” why not “Yesterday,” too?
  • The “A2 Topics” should be buttons (ie. the entire rectangle should be clickable, perhaps with some rollover state where the background changes)
  • Full size pictures are way too big (try clicking the image of the man and woman on this page)
  • Voting on a story without being logged in takes you to the default log in page. See Stack Overflow for a good implementation of a friendly and usable “you have to register to do this” message (on hover).

I like:

  • “Deals.” Nicely implemented. Advertising without Flash banners.
  • Weather.
  • Overall color scheme, font size, etc.

Also, is Kerrytown not a neighborhood?